Providing service dogs to veterans struggling with PTSD

The PTSD Dog Division was created out of a need that we saw was very effective for Veterans. Animals have a way with people and this has been proven to be a technique that has worked with PTS. Monty used his experience of dealing with PTS and veterans to develop a branch of For Veteran’s Sake to include working with K9’s. We began working on creating a pairing process between dogs and Veterans. It wasn’t long before we started seeing an instant change in the demeanor of the veterans we were working with. Using different techniques while introducing the dog at selected times so that the service dog could pick up on the scent that was created when stress would be triggered. Soon the dog would alert before the veteran would even realize an attack was coming. For Veteran’s Sake is now recovering dogs from animal shelters as well as many other rescues. Many of the veterans they work with are very much able to care for themselves and do not require a dog that needs to retrieve items for them, such as if a person has missing limbs or confined to a wheelchair.

There have been certain circumstances where we have given a dog to the wife of a Veteran and not the Vet due to the secondary PTS.  We like to rescue dogs and use them as much as we can, however in more severe cases we like to use our dogs for a more guaranteed temperament.

We are very excited to announce that we are going to be opening a primary training facility in Longview Texas. This facility will accommodate several Veterans at a time. It will run much like a dude ranch except we will have the dogs instead of horses. The Veterans and their families who participate will be able to work with many of the dogs as well as receive help and guidance for their PTS. This will allow more one on one time along with group meetings. We will have the chance to evaluate them in many different situations. This allows us to further help them with self-control skills. We are really looking forward to the grand opening that will soon be announced.