Honoring their Service. Empowering their Return

The foundation was created by a veteran for veterans. Our mission is providing help with the military condition using an arsenal of tools to assist in the recovery of America’s finest Hero Warriors. The goal is to help the veteran, spouse, and family at no charge. We understand how difficult it is to reach out for help, and our belief is to keep it simple.

Many veterans are afraid to talk about their suffering because they’re worried about losing their jobs, or their 2nd amendment rights. Don’t worry! We are here to help. We do not share information with any other organizations. We do not want you to worry about filling massive amounts of paper work either. We specialize in working with the Veteran and family as a whole unit. When a veteran leaves the service they have the option to use the V.A., or not, the spouse does not have those options. They have nowhere to turn for help without private insurance.

It doesn’t matter if you served in combat or peace time, you are still a Veteran.” You serve in the military only for a period of time, but you’re a Veteran for the rest of you life“. If the veteran requires something outside our scope we will refer to one of our many other veteran organizations. When possible, we will set it up so that they come to our facility to help them.

At For Veteran’s Sake, we assist all Civilian First Responders at no charge. Serving our fellow First Responders and their families suffering from PTS is our way of giving back to those putting their lives on the line to protect us.

We encourage everyone we work with to inform their Doctor or medical professional that we are working with them so that they can stay involved and monitor their progress.

For Veteran's Sake Anthem

No mind left behind. No, it wasn’t yours to throw away For Veteran’s sake
I just have to get thru day by day Sitting here wondering when they’ll find out
It’s all running around in my head. Hard to tell what’s real or not Daring to wonder if I’d be better off dead.

What’s it going to take, For Veteran’s sake Day & Night…it’s constantly in my head. They say no man left behind…but what about the mind. Isn’t it time to take a stand No more labels, no more lies.

We gave you our service, We gave you our lives. But some things weren’t yours to throw away. What’s it going to take, For Veteran’s sake Day & Night…it’s constantly in my head They say no man left behind…but what about the mind.
Time to heal, time to feel, We must find the way. That no mind is left behind
For it was never theirs to throw away. Honoring their Service Empowering their return… To families, to jobs, to communities And mostly to their lives…
Time to let go of the strife. For no more minds will be left behind For Veteran’s sake We can all relate, we aren’t going to break For Veteran’s sake.