Mobile Services for PTSD Veterans across the country

If you have it, a truck has moved it. This is common knowledge in the trucking industry. Do you know what isn’t common knowledge… that more than 30% of truck drivers out there are Veterans. Many who are returning home from combat in recent wars. Our OTR (over the road) truck drivers are out on the road for at least four to six weeks at a time. This is time away from their families, friends, and co-workers. This can be a long time when you’re missing your wife, kids, animals, and family.

What about the men and woman who hung up their military uniforms and took up a whole new career driving a big truck, 80,000 lbs. and over seventy feet long of steel, rubber, and freight. Many of these “Knights of the Highway” might be suffering from P.T.S. (Post Traumatic Stress). While they’re out on the road maneuvering these rigs safely through traffic in all of the big cities that many people do not even want to drive through in their personal cars much less a giant truck. The stress of driving in traffic is enough to cause anybody to have an anxiety attack.

Who do these unsung heroes have to turn to when they are having difficulties coping?

This is where our foundation, FOR VETERANS SAKE, comes in. We care about all of our veterans and what they do when they leave the military. We care about where they work, live and where they go when they need help. Our organization is currently trying to fill a gap that has been overlooked, the trucking industry. We are trying very hard to obtain motor homes so that we can get out “ON THE ROAD” with these Veterans and provide a service for them when they need to talk or need some help or maybe just some consulting to help get them back on track. Many of these Veterans have trouble making their VA appointments due to how far they travel. We’re going to be there for them. For Veteran’s Sake is working hard to pair up with many of the truck stops across the country so that we can set up mobile facilities to help accommodate their needs. Of course, we will have some of our service Service Dogs with us at all times and we will interview for possible candidates that qualify to receive a service dog or should we say “over the road service dogs”. It’s important to us that the needs of our veterans are met and we intend to accomplish that need.

For Veteran’s Sake Foundation will be working with truck stops to provide the times, places and where we will be available to the OTR trucker. All they need to do is log in to our website or one of the truck stop sites to find us. They will be able to send us messages to let us know they’re coming. Another goal we have is that when we are in the area of a veteran in need of help relating to PTS, for that veteran to let us know and we will use one of the chase vehicles to get to them. We will do everything we can with the resources we have to help.



We need a lot of help to be able to get the motorhomes. We’re not looking for new, we will use what we can get. We will also accept a motorhome that is donated to us. If you want to actually see your generous donations at work, please read our blogs and facebook posts. We are making every penny count. Every weekend we are at an event reaching out to Veterans and their families. Thank you for considering For Veteran’s Sake Foundation for your next donation.

For Veterans Sake Foundation
PO Box 5981
Longview, Tx. 75608

Contact number: 855-483-8725